New release on Posh Isolation: AGE COIN - MEASURE c30

An ENDURANCE product

We have a very limited number of these available

5 €


GIRLSEEKER - 1-800-GREED will soon be available on LP, hopefully in late February/early March.

The LP will feature the same tracks as the cassette, but mixed and mastered by Peter Peter for the occasion. Very crisp sounding, very nice!

The LP release is made possible by:

Big Love (Tokyo)
Release The Bats (Gothenburg)
Denim Hologram (Amsterdam)
Silver Ghosts (Den Haag)
Kraak (Gent)
New Images (NYC)
Music City (Bruxelles)
Underwater Peoples (USA)
4:2:2v2 (Copenhagen)
Insula Music (Copenhagen)

Thank you all very much!